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Salama Kabbaji<

Salama Kabbaji

City Leader Marrakech

Abderrahman Ezzafati

Abderrahman Ezzafati

City Leader Agadir

ELmehdi EL Badaoui

ELMehdi EL Badaoui

Chief Technology officer



Due to the pandemic, most of courses are held online, yet some events are taking place physical, therefore, make sure to read the courses description or contact us to get more details either the course is virtual or physical.

If you do not have the adequate knowledge listed in the course prerequisites, it is strongly recommended that you learn the relevant materials in advance to get the most out of the course. thus we beleive that are our trainers are flexcible to work with any profile no matter their knowledge about the training topic.

Yes, all attending delegates receive an e-certificate of attendance at the end of the course, in case you want a hard certificate, you will need to inform us by email, addition fee might be added.

Depending on the participants profiles, but mainly the main language used in Rabic and English, all the sessions are recorded so that we can add subtitles.






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